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2019 HSK and HSKK dates

Published Dec. 12, 2018

Hand poised over HSK study booksThe HSK is a Chinese proficiency test for non-native Mandarin speakers. There are six levels of testing with increasing difficulty; level 1 is the most basic and level 6 is the most advanced. The test must be given at an approved site with registered proctors. Each level includes listening, reading and speaking sections; levels 3–6 also include a writing section. The HSKK is a speaking focused exam.

The MU Confucius Institute is pleased to provide the opportunity for students to sit for the HSK or HSKK twice this year. The spring exam will be held May 11 with a registration deadline of April 11. The fall exam will be held Oct. 13 with a registration deadline of Sept. 13. Registration generally opens two months prior to the exam date. To register:

  • Go to
  • Create a user account.
  • Select the test level and choose the test center “Confucius Institute at University of Missouri,”  test center code: 5330200.
  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Upload a passport style photo.
  • Confirm and submit.
  • Send payment via check to:
    • MU Confucius Institute, 1002 Mizzou North, 115 Business Loop 70 W, Columbia MO, 65211
    • Registration fees vary by level:
      • HSK level 1: $20
      • HSK level 2: $30
      • HSK level 3: $40
      • HSK level 4: $50
      • HSK level 5: $60
      • HSK level 6: $70
      • HSKK Beginner: $20
      • HSKK Intermediate: $30
      • HSKK Advanced: $40
  • When you receive a registration confirmation (about 10 days before the test), print your test admission ticket.
  • Please bring a photo ID and your test admission ticket on the day of testing.

If you would like help preparing for the HSK, the MU Confucius Institute offers private tutoring, which includes test preparation materials for $35 per hour. Please contact us at if you have questions about HSK test registration or would like to schedule tutoring.