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Wenfang Yang

Photo of Wenfang Yang

Visiting research scholar


YANG Wenfang is from Shanghai Normal University, where she is an associate professor of physical education. She gradated from Shanghai University of Sports and received a master’s degree in physical education. Her research focuses on Chinese traditional sports. She has won many awards, earned the certificate of martial arts first-class referee and refereed sport competitions in Shanghai. In her spare time, she taught tai chi, health qigong and yoga to local companies and communities, as well as to people with visual impairments in Shanghai. Over her 28-year career, she spent 22 years training martial arts in team competitions and led her team to win championships in local and national competitions. She also has rich experience in international exchanges, including teaching international students tai chi, kung fu fan and yoga. Notably, she has made several trips to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places to give lectures and participate in cultural exchanges. She enjoys living and teaching in Columbia.