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Event summary | American Heritage Girl Scout Troop

Published Feb. 26, 2019

by ZHANG Xuelian “Shirley”

On Feb. 21, the local Girl Scout troop at Parkade Baptist Church invited the MU Confucius Institute as guest speakers. About 20 girls, from 6 to 14 years old, came and experienced Chinese culture with their teachers.

In the activity, volunteer Chinese teacher ZHANG Xuelian “Shirley” and LIU Di “Estella” shared Chinese culture and language via cultural communication, a guzheng performance and a Tai Chi show, and celebrated the Chinese Lantern Festival by leading the group in making lanterns by hand. Some girls tried the traditional Chinese instrument guzheng for themselves. They also practiced some simple Tai Chi movements from traditional Chinese martial arts. The girls were very interested in these unique activities and look forward to more opportunities to experience Chinese culture.

Sarah Pedrazas, the English language learners teacher at New Haven Elementary, hopes to have more cooperation with the Confucius Institute and bring more multicultural experiences to local children in the future.