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Event summary | Confucius Institute team dinner

Published Feb. 6, 2019

many people around a long table full of dishes
by ZHAO Xiaomei “Skye”

It’s a tradition for families to eat New Year’s Eve dinner together in China. We were delighted to have our reunion dinner with Mary Stegmaier, the interim vice provost for International Programs at MU, all the members of the Confucius Institute board, CPS world languages coordinator Suzanne Yonke and the rest Confucius Institute team at Bamboo Terrace Restaurant on Feb. 4, 2019.

Before the big dinner, all the volunteer teachers introduced themselves and shared wishes for the New Year. During dinner, we not only enjoyed delicious food, but also chatted about daily life. The volunteer teachers enjoyed sharing Chinese cuisine, dining traditions and Chinese New Year customs with their American friends. After dinner, the volunteer teachers discussed teaching methods with Prof. Michael Volz, who has rich experience in teaching Chinese. There were many conversations shared over a meal of delicious, authentic Chinese cuisine. Everyone laughed and talked and we all had a happy night.