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Event summary | MU Confucius Institute Open House

Published April 23, 2018

by JIN Xiaowen “Shawn”

The MU Confucius Institute held an open house to celebrate the eighth Chinese Day of the United Nations. We had a lot of locals to visit and experience Chinese culture. The open house is aimed at displaying Chinese culture and promoting cross-cultural communication. We try to let our guests have better experience, so that we put seven display sections in a long line for them.

Our guests would see the handcrafts section, paper cutting and Chinese knots. Volunteer teachers Daniel and Maggie carefully taught locals to make the vivid paper cutting and pretty Chinese knots. They learned very well and felt so pleased to have their work done. Some girls even tied the knots on their hair.

Chinese ancient tea culture is well known. When the fragrance of tea was blowing in the air, our guests were attracted to the tea section. Visiting scholar LI Qian “Lucy” wearing delicate Chinese Han costume, held the gold teapot with the long spout and poured exactly right in the little teacup. The local guests were surprised by the consistent tea-making process. They enjoyed listening to Lucy talking about tea. Behind tea section, volunteer teacher Flora was playing guzheng, beautiful and smooth old Chinese melodies came out from her flexible hands. All the guests stopped and applauded for her.

Going upstairs, the smell of food attracted a lot of guests. Volunteer teachers were making dumplings in a room, and guests who wanted to make dumplings could learn from Chinese teachers and take it home as their dinner. Yuffie and May made the great dumpling fillings for the activity. We offered traditional meat fillings and also veggie fillings. Surprisingly, all local people liked to make dumplings. They made beautiful moon-shaped dumplings and named them “little moon.” We also provided plenty of Chinese snacks in our Confucius tea room, and the TV was playing modern Chinese cities and natural scenery. Volunteer teacher Shawn was responsible for demonstrating the videos for guests. She also taught people how to do simple greetings in Chinese, and made it like a small happy classroom.
The local guests liked to have their names in Chinese calligraphy. Volunteer teachers April and Stone displayed Chinese calligraphy on the antique table. People would get their Chinese names in traditional calligraphy if they passed by the table. Ink on the rice paper made strong and nice Chinese characters. Our guests loved it so much!

At the end of the hall, the sound the Chinese fans and kung fu attracted a lot of people. Visiting scholar Professor Yang and Chinese teacher Yinka performed for the guests and taught them how to do simple kung fu moves. The local people did a wonderful job at Chinese kung fu.

The open house was very entertaining and the activities were abundant, so our guests felt enchanted by different charming Chinese culture. With this event, the MU Confucius Institute promoted its classes and activities to the community, working to create a brighter future for itself.