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Event summary | Tai Chi Workshop for Missouri Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Published Feb. 12, 2019

by ZHANG Xuelian “Shirley”

On Feb. 9, Professor YANG Wenfang was invited as a guest speaker for the Missouri Epsilon Sigma Alpha meeting at Holiday Inn Express and Suites. About 60 members attended the lovely and informative presentation on Tai Chi.

This presentation introduced and demonstrated six aspects of Tai Chi:

  1. What is Tai Chi
  2. Characteristics of Tai Chi
  3. Classification and schools of Tai Chi
  4. Role of Tai Chi
  5. Status of Tai Chi in the U.S.
  6. Basic movements of Tai Chi

The audience listened attentively to Prof. Yang’s interesting explanation of Tai Chi, a traditional sport with hundreds of years of history in China. In order to help everyone understand Tai Chi, Prof. Yang and Shirley, a volunteer Chinese teacher, performed a wonderful Tai Chi show together. In addition, Prof. Yang demonstrated Tai Chi sword and Tai Chi fan herself. In the interactive session, Prof. Yang taught the group several simple movements to experience the charm of Tai Chi. Finally, the presentation ended with a group salute. After class, many members said that Tai Chi was wonderful and that they would continue to practice Tai Chi.

Sidney Kendall, the workshop coordinator, wrote a letter of appreciation to the MU Confucius Institute. She said that the presentation was very successful and hoped that Prof. Yang would share the presentation of Tai Chi to more groups so that more people could feel the charm of traditional Chinese martial arts.