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In Columbia Public Schools

The Columbia Public School District has been a valued partner for teaching local students since 2012. We are proud to help our district reach its mission of providing an excellent education for all students. We appreciate the strong support we have received from Dr. Peter Steipleman, district superintendent, and his administrative team.

World languages rotation

The world languages rotation is a required course for every sixth grade student. It introduces three prominent world languages: Mandarin, Spanish and French. The Confucius Institute provides three weeks of Chinese language instruction for each quarter at all six middle schools.

Chinese 1

In this class, students learn about the Chinese language system: pinyin, daily Chinese sentences, basic grammar, and sentence patterns and structures. The objective is for students to recognize and use pinyin and ones. Teachers also share Chinese culture and games with students.

Chinese 2

This class further develops language learning. Often, these students have been to China and they want to continue learning Chinese. Students will expand their grammatical skills and vocabularies to deepen conversational levels by studying “Experiencing Chinese for High School 2B.”

Teacher Training Program

Our Teacher Training Program is designed to help CPS teachers learn how to teach Chinese. Teachers work closely with a Chinese volunteer to develop their understanding of Mandarin and gain practical tools for Chinese language instruction.

Before and after school programs

Our youngest Chinese learners participate in outreach programs at local elementary schools. These students bring so much joy and enthusiasm to their classes. They get very excited to see their teachers and shout “Xióngmāo!” (panda) when they see them.

Presentations by request

We are also available to make special presentations at schools. We have been invited for various celebrations of culture and demonstrations of Chinese arts in the past. Email or call 573-882-9061 if you would like to arrange a presentation.